• 011 Blackstrap Rum.

    $125.00 Inc GST
    Release 011 is another release in line with our previously award-winning Black Strap Rums This Rum has been aged in 80l ex Red Wine French Oak Cask Released at 50.0% ABV, providing big flavor profiles of leather, oranges, honey, liquorice, molasses, spices , pepper. The rum lends itself to be enjoyed neat.
  • Amber Rum, Tavern Style Batch 008

    $75.00$125.00 Inc GST
    Amber Rum release 008 Tavern Style. Aged in an Ex Bourbon Barrel and finished in a Meryrieux Bourgogne Cask. Current release is at 48.0% ABV.  
  • Spiced Rum

    $75.00$120.00 Inc GST
    Our Spiced Rum has been developed to be enjoyed neat or as a great base for mixers. Slightly sweet profile, with predominant Vanilla and Oranges, finishing with spice and mexican peppers. Rich golden orange in color. Current release is at 40.0% ABV.
  • 009 Rum Gold Nipper

    $70.00$100.00 Inc GST
    Gold Nipper Rum 009 has been developed to be enjoyed neat or as a great base for mixers, including cocktails. Not overpowering in its flavor profile and is created using a Brown Syrup / Molasses mix. This Rum has been aged in a 200 liter American Oak ex Makers Mark Bourbon Cask for 5 years. A light golden color and soft flavor profile. Current release is at 44.0% ABV.


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