• 023 Single Malt Whisky Bourbon Cask

    $105.00$170.00 Inc GST
    This Single Malt Whisky has been aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon cask.
    Beautiful nose of vanilla and caramel, in tasting it gives a clean full pallet experience to deliver vanilla, creamy soft caramel flavours finishing with a honey coffee backend.
    Double distilled and non-chill filtered, released at 46.0% ABV.
  • Single Barrel aged, in a ex- red wine French oak cask resized to a 85l cask.

    Nose: you immediately get dark coco, chocolate, cherry cola, oranges citrus peel, Christmas cake sultanas, carrying through to toffee and caramel overtones.

    Taste:  Coco, dark chocolate, honey with citrus peel of oranges and lime, present also are toffee and spices / pepper flowing into subtle drying finish, the charred barrel comes through warming.

    Finish: soft timber characteristics along with a drying of the pallet.

    Double distilled and non-chill filtered.
    Released at a 48.0% ABV also 25 bottles at Cask strength.
  • 027 Single Malt Whisky ex Bourbon Cask

    $110.00$180.00 Inc GST
    Originally aged in an ex-Bourbon cask then transferred for a short time into a resized previously used casks with a lineage of Redwine, Smoke Whisky, Rum and corn based Beer.
    Nose: Vanilla cake, green pears, green apples dry grass, corn hints coriander and varnish.
    Tasting: Peanut brittle, vanilla, coconut, with hints of caramel, toffee and timber.
    Finish:  Caramel, toffee, honey coffee backend.
    Double distilled and non-chill filtered, released at 47.2% ABV with 25 bottles released at cask strength.
  • Yack Creek Distillery engraved Glencairn Whisky Glass.
  • Amber Rum, Tavern Style Batch 008

    $75.00$125.00 Inc GST
    Amber Rum release 008 Tavern Style. Aged in an Ex Bourbon Barrel and finished in a Meryrieux Bourgogne Cask. Current release is at 48.0% ABV.  
  • 011 Blackstrap Rum.

    $125.00 Inc GST
    Release 011 is another release in line with our previously award-winning Black Strap Rums This Rum has been aged in 80l ex Red Wine French Oak Cask Released at 50.0% ABV, providing big flavor profiles of leather, oranges, honey, liquorice, molasses, spices , pepper. The rum lends itself to be enjoyed neat.
  • 009 Rum Gold Nipper

    $70.00$100.00 Inc GST
    Gold Nipper Rum 009 has been developed to be enjoyed neat or as a great base for mixers, including cocktails. Not overpowering in its flavor profile and is created using a Brown Syrup / Molasses mix. This Rum has been aged in a 200 liter American Oak ex Makers Mark Bourbon Cask for 5 years. A light golden color and soft flavor profile. Current release is at 44.0% ABV.
  • Spiced Rum

    $75.00$120.00 Inc GST
    Our Spiced Rum has been developed to be enjoyed neat or as a great base for mixers. Slightly sweet profile, with predominant Vanilla and Oranges, finishing with spice and mexican peppers. Rich golden orange in color. Current release is at 40.0% ABV.
  • Anise Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    The Anise Gin lends it self to being served neat or with ice and goes particularly well in a G&T with a slice of orange and sage. For those who appreciate the anise 'aniseed' flavour along with Juniper, will also identify tones of cinnamon, ginger and cassia bark. Released at 43% ABV.
  • Livid Lime Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    Made in house using our vodka base product that is brewed and distilled in house. All our Gins are small batch creations with limited releases with Alc/Vol of 43%. Our clear Gins are infused through placing our juniper and other ingredients in a basket after the Still column.
  • Out of stock

    Wild Mint Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    Our Wild Mint Gin is a seasonal gin.
    The mint grows along the Yackandandah creek and is handpicked the day of infusion to ensure the freshness and flavour is at its best.
    This gin we see as a refreshing summer drink which is ideal neat or mixed.
  • Hibiscus Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    The Hibiscus Gin lends itself to being served neat or with ice and goes particularly well in a G&T. For those who appreciate a floral gin along with Juniper, grape fruit and hibiscus, lending itself to raspberry after tones. Released at 43% ABV.
  • Lemon Myrtle Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    Winning a Bronze medal at the 2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. Our Lemon Myrtle Gin utilises the base of our clear gin, which is then infused with additional ingredients, giving it the distinct colour. No addition distilling is required while the infusion gives a richer flavor to the palate, thicker mouth texture and a deeper flavour profile.    
  • Silk Road Gin

    $55.00$85.00 Inc GST
    Our Silk Road Gin is named after the spice routes / silk roads linking the East with the West. With Chai spice aromatics presenting along with cinnamon, jasmine and ginger leading into a floral finish. This is another one of our small batch creations with limited release Alc/Vol of 43%.
  • TruffleBerry Gin

    $60.00$90.00 Inc GST
    Our TruffleBerry Gin is a seasonal Gin and lends itself to being served neat or with ice in a Gin & Tonic or Soda. For those who appreciate a fruity berry flavor with hints of salty earth along with Juniper, lending itself to raspberry after tones. Released at 42.5% ABV.
  • Blizzard Vodka

    $55.00$75.00 Inc GST
    Our FIRST RELEASE Blizzard Vodka profile lends itself to both New world and traditional with citrus and honey tones on the pallet but is light in character. It is versatile in that it is refreshing neat on ice or can be used in mixing cocktails. Our vodka is 100% Australian grain, barley based. Where we have mashed brewed and distilled in house, triple distilled and twice carbon filtered. Our standard product will be released at 46%.  


Warning: Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (Vic) it is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years [Penalty exceeds $18,000]; For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor [Penalty exceeds $700]. Yack Creek Distillery supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Liquor License Number: 12209

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