Our first release Rum has been created using Blackstrap Molasses, hence its name.

Our other Rums created from Blackstrap molasses, molasses or brown syrup are currently ageing in French Oak and American Oak barrels.

The rum lends itself to be enjoyed neat however works well as a base for mixed drinks and cocktails.

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    Amber Rum, Tavern Style

    $65.00$115.00 Inc GST
    Amber Rum release 005 Tavern Style. Aged in an Ex Bourbon Barrel and finished in a Meryrieux Bourgogne Cask. Current release is at 48.0% ABV.  
  • Rum Gold Nipper, Cask Strength, 004

    $70.00$110.00 Inc GST
    Gold Nipper Rum 004 has been developed to be enjoyed neat or as a great base for mixers, including cocktails. Not overpowering in its flavour profile and is created  using a Brown Syrup / Molasses mix. This Rum has been aged in a 200 litre American Oak ex Makers Mark Sour Bourbon Cask giving it a light golden color and light flavour profile. Bottled at the cask strength. Current release is at 50.5% ABV.